Interested candidates are welcome to apply to our PhD or Mphil programs in human genetics, genome biology, and bioinformatics. The application deadline for the main round is December 1st, with two clearance rounds ending in April and August. The following two tracks are available in our laboratory:

1. Computational biology, statistical genetics and omics data analysis

Students with computation, statistics and bioinformatics background are invited to join an interdisciplinary team to work on analysis of omics data, development of novel bioinformatics tools and identifying pivotal changes and pathways that are essential for disease development

2. Human genetics, genomics and autoimmunity

Students with genetics, molecular biology, or immunology background are invited to work on studies of autoimmune diseases such as SLE, using tools such as functional characterizations of susceptibility genes, elucidation of cellular and molecular aberrations of patient samples, and analyses of omics data to try to understand disease pathogenesis.

Useful links for application