Dr Brian Hon-Yin Chung (鍾侃言)


Clinical Genetics

Clinical Genetics has been under Department of Paediatric and Adolescent Medicine, Queen Mary Hospital and Hong Kong University since 2010.  Our team is committed to deliver accessible clinical genetics service to the public, strive for promoting genetic education for health professionals and the community, and participate in research for the development of new technologies and genetic knowledge.  

Clinical Genetics diagnose genetic disorders affecting all ages.  We help people to assess their particular risk of genetic disorders and provide with information about genetic disorders so they can make informed decision about their future family planning.  We also offer counseling and support through our genetic counseling service. 

We provide service to a wide range of patient groups including:

  • People with a known genetic condition who need specialist advice;
  • People with a family history of a genetic condition or particular disease that may affect them and/or their children;
  • Children with developmental delay or learning difficulties and parents want to know if there are genetic factors involved;
  • Pregnant couples who want to discuss an abnormal test result and find out what options are available for them; and
  • Couples who are at risk of having a child affected with a genetic condition and want to discuss what option is available for them.
We are also in collaboration with Prenatal Diagnostic Unit and Reproductive Medicine for providing genetic counselling service for patients in Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology.





  • 需要專家意見的已知遺傳性疾病病人;
  • 家族病史有遺傳性疾病或某種疾病而有可能影響他們和/或他們子女的病人;
  • 有發展遲緩或學習困難的兒童及想知道是否涉及遺傳因素的家長;
  • 因異常的測試結果而想找出可行方案的懷孕夫婦;以及
  • 有風險令子女受遺傳性疾病影響並希望討論他們可行方案的夫婦。