PAED6700 Paediatric Endocrinology
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Basic concepts in paediatric endocrinology:
Anatomy, physiology, embryology and development of endocrine glands;
Inborn error of metabolism;
Mechanisms and actions of hormones and growth factors;
Molecular genetics of endocrine disorders;
Principles and practice of radioimmunoassays, radioreceptor assays, radioligand blotting, western blotting and tissue culture.

  1 Dynamic tests of endocrine functions in children:
Practical conduct of various tests;
Theoretical basis of endocrine testing.
  0.5 Growth:
Abberant growth patterns;
Factors affecting growth;
Growth standards - use and abuse;
Methods of auxological anthropometry;
Normal foetal and postnatal growth.

Laboratory research techniques and molecular studies of hereditary diseases:
General and special laboratory techniques in paediatric research;
Molecular basis of some common hereditary diseases;
Molecular biology tools for studying hereditary diseases.

  3 Study of clinical endocrine problems:
Clinical manifestations;
Diagnosis and management;